Any of you ladies looking for a racist, 53-year-old virgin that thinks female orgasms are gross?





Being a virgin has nothing to do with loyalty.  Get over yourself.  

neverhadsexquestions4Aren’t human beings a part of nature?  Maybe this dude should stop using the internet to find virgin brides and use it to gain a little knowledge instead:


Uh, have you looked in the mirror recently?


What’s worse than an asshole?  A stupid one.  


Hey look!  It’s another religious nut job that picks and chooses which Biblical laws he wants to believe in.  I guess that’s convenient for men that don’t like to do their own laundry and can’t afford a maid.

neverhadsexquestionsI think this guy is a bad idea.  

neverhadsexquestions8*Sigh* At least he doesn’t think that female orgasms are a myth.