This woman is undoubtedly an asshole, and should seriously consider moving back to Haiti.  However, if she actually is a winner, I take solace in the fact that in a few years I’ll be watching her on an episode of TLC’s, The Lottery Changed My Life, as the bank hauls out whatever tacky shit she decided to purchase with the winnings she stole from her co-workers.  As most do, I sometimes think about what I’d purchase if I won the lottery.  At first, my answers are responsible and well thought out.  I’d pay off my debt, buy a house, plan for the future…..could I really refrain from ridiculous, impulse purchases?  I wouldn’t need a large house, but I would want it to be secure.  A moat filled with sriracha seems reasonable.  The help could wear comic-book character costumes and I’ll need one of those sky-writing planes so I could send messages to my enemies.  Or I’d just order the pilot to make a bunch of dicks in the sky during rush hour traffic while I put a bottle of whiskey to my face.  Nothing wrong with a little splurging, right?